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Ota And Minato Cities, Japan Relief And Clothing Centre Donate To People Affected By Disasters
26 Jan 2023

Ota And Minato Cities, Japan Relief And Clothing Centre Donate To People Affected By Disasters

Japan’s Ota and Minato Cities and the Japan Relief and Clothing Centre have donated various food and non-food relief items to assist households as they recover from the devastating effects of Tropical Storm Ana.

Part of the donated items; which include 3,000 buckets, 6,000 plates, 6,000 cups, 3,000 spoons, 3,000 forks, 600 litres cooking oil, 500 kgs sugar, 3,000 packets of noodles, 13 water purification equipment, 350 bars of soap; 25,000 pieces and 809 cartons of assorted clothes; have since been distributed to a total of 383 households, who voluntarily relocated to a safer place in Traditional Authority (T/A) Ngabu, Chikwawa following the effects of Ana and Tropical Cyclone Gombe.

A total of 441 households from TA Lundu, who also relocated to a safer place in TA Maseya in the same district, will benefit from the remaining items this week.

Speaking in Chikwawa on Monday (16th January, 2023) First Secretary (Trade) in the Office of the Malawi Embassy to Japan Gracious Soko, said they will continue to work with a number of partners back in Japan to support the affected.

“Following the declaration of state of disaster by the State President, His Excellency Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, our office in Japan engaged a number of partners for assistance, Ota and Minato Cities and the Japan Relief and Clothing Centre offered their enormous support. The donated items were supposed to be in the country sometime back but we encountered a number of logistical challenges.

“We have taken note of some of the challenges you are facing following your relocation. Notable amongst the challenges is access to clean and potable water. We will continue to engage our partners in Japan for short, medium and long-term solutions,” said Soko.

In his remarks, the Department of Disaster Management Affairs’(DoDMA) Deputy Director of Response Fyawupi Mwafongo asked Soko to extend a vote of thanks to the two cities and the clothing company for the gesture; and called upon the beneficiaries to use the items for their intended purpose.

“Ota and Minato Cities also donated US$ 33,650.81 which has been largely used for clearing and logistical arrangements. The donated items are not for sale. Let us respect the purpose of which the donations were made,” said Mwafongo.

He then commended the beneficiaries for voluntarily moving to a safer place saying government is committed to supporting any efforts aimed at reducing disaster risks and building resilience of communities to disasters.

“We are so committed to ensuring that you become a model village and ultimate reference on the importance of relocation,” said Mwafongo.

On his behalf, Matsukambiya Camp Chairperson Abraham Kambewa said the donation will go a long way towards alleviating some of the challenges they are facing as they try to get back to their feet.

“It rained heavily on the night of 9th January, 2022; we lost everything; clothes, kitchen utensils, household property, livestock and foodstuffs. The effects were so devastating, we survived by grace. This donation means a lot,” said Kambewa.

He then called upon government and partners to assist in ensuring that the place has access to clean and potable water.


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