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DoDMA Ready To Roll-Out Lean Season Response Programme
26 Oct 2022

DoDMA Ready To Roll-Out Lean Season Response Programme

The Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) says it is ready to roll-out the implementation of the 2022/23 Lean Season Food Insecurity Response Programme (LS-FIRP) targeting food insecure populations as projected by the Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee (MVAC).

MVAC projected that 3.8 million people will be food insecure in 27 districts and four cities of the country during the 2022/23 lean season (November 2022 to March 2023) leading to the development of the (LS-FIRP) to assist in resource mobilization and guide the response intervention.

Speaking in Zomba City during a full council meeting on the implementation of the 2022/23 LS-FIRP, DoDMA’s Deputy Director of Response Fyawupi Mwafongo said the department is prepared and looking forward to a smooth implementation of the programme and has already disbursed funds for preparatory activities to five councils whose beneficiaries will receive assistance for five months, starting from November this year.

“Five councils namely; Zomba District, Zomba City, Chikwawa, Nsanje and Balaka will receive assistance for five months, while the rest of the councils in the southern region will get assistance for four months. Beneficiaries in the central and northern regions of the country will be assisted for three months.

“We are using two modalities; cash transfers and in-kind maize distribution to address the food situation. We are taking no chances and we are currently meeting with contracted transporters to iron out all logistical hindrances to ensure smooth implementation of the programme,” said Mwafongo.

He then called upon councils to expedite the processes of sensitizing community structures such as the Area/Village development and Civil Protection Committees stressing that they are key in the implementation of the programme.

“We expect the councils to speed up the beneficiary identification processes while following guidelines for the provision of humanitarian assistance,” said Mwafongo.

In his remarks, Zomba City Mayor His Worship Councillor Davie Maunde concurred with Mwafongo in calling for speed and efficiency in the implementation of the programme.

“Let us all work in line with the specified time frame and deadlines so that we hit the ground in time. Let us not let down the less privileged, they are counting on us,” said Maunde.

Similar sensitization meetings have been held in Balaka, Zomba, Nsanje and Chikwawa Districts. The meetings will be conducted in all the affected councils.


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