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Government committed to implementing disaster mitigation programmes
12 Aug 2019

Government committed to implementing disaster mitigation programmes

Government says it is committed to implementing disaster mitigation and resilience-building programmes in the country.

Vice President and Minister responsible for Disaster Management Affairs, Everton Herbert Chimulirenji, made the commitment on Friday (9th August, 2019) when he visited Salima District to appreciate flood-mitigating works implemented with financial support from the People’s Republic of China, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Malawi Government under the Small Grants Scheme (SGS).

Chimulirenji said President Arthur Peter Mutharika’s-led Government will not relent in implementing programmes aimed at mitigating the impact and building resilience of communities to disasters.

“Government will not forsake you. We will construct disaster-mitigating structures such as dykes in flood-prone areas to reduce the impact of disasters. Government will also implement various programmes to build the resilience of communities to disasters,” said Chimulilenji.

The Vice President then commended the Government of China and the UNDP for supporting various disaster risk management (DRM) programmes in the country.

“Government of the People’s Republic of China and the UNDP are friends in need and indeed to the Malawi Government, in as far as the implementation of Disaster Risk Management and developmental programmes are concerned. Government appreciates the support it gets from China and UNDP and prays that it continues for the benefit of the marginalized and the most vulnerable,” said Chimulirenji, who visited Abwenzi Evacuation Centre in T/A Khombedza.

In his remarks, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Malawi Liu Hongyang, said his government will continue to work with the Malawi Government in partnership with other development partners such as the UNDP to contribute to disaster risk reduction efforts.

UNDP Resident Representative Shigeki Komatsubara said his organization is committed to supporting disaster risk reduction programmes in the country and said it will construct five additional evacuation centres in the country.

Secretary to the Vice President and Commissioner for Disaster Management Affairs Wilson Moleni, described the People’s Republic of China and the UNDP as friends in need.
“The Government of the People’s Republic of China and the UNDP have been supporting the Malawi Government to implement various disaster risk management programmes,” said Moleni.

The SGS is an initiative implemented under UNDP’s Disaster Risk Management Programme Support by the Government of Malawi, through the Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA). It commenced in 2012 and has provided financial support to community based organisations (CBOs), civil protection committees (CPCs) and Non-Governmental Organisations to implement community-based disaster risk reduction projects aimed at building resilience and reducing vulnerability of communities to disasters.

Under the initiative, four evacuation centres, which also generate income to the communities, have been constructed in flood-prone districts of Nsanje, Mangochi, Karonga and Salima. In addition, two excavated tanks (check dams) and a dyke have been constructed in Mangochi and Chikwawa Districts, respectively.

During the Vice President’s visit, Government, through the Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) provided 600 bags of rice (each weighing 50 kg) to people affected by disasters in Salima.